Three Tips for Building a Great Relationship Your Resident Engagement Director

March 28, 2022

With the current downward trend in COVID cases, we are all working our way back towards a more normal operation of our communities. One area that is a big focus for many operators is to amplify and increase their resident engagement programs. This is being done in a number of ways, but one piece of the puzzle that needs to be considered is the role of the food & beverage team.

As we continue to move towards more normal activities, our team will be called upon countless times to provide snacks, refreshments, and even whole meals. But building a solid foundation with your resident engagement team will be important for both departments to ensure that events are seamless and create the atmosphere needed for our residents. Here are three tips that will help you better navigate and develop a great relationship with your resident engagement director:

Book a Planning Meeting: Most often the biggest obstacle that we have to overcome in working with the resident engagement team is communication. There always seems to be a last minute request, an activity that was overlooked, or a change in the order. The quickest and easiest way to avoid all of these things happening is to schedule a recurring meeting with your engagement director. This will allow you to work through every event on the calendar, make adjustments to the orders, and collaborate to make average events even better.

Institute an Event Order System: Unless you have the ability to work seven days a week, you will want to make sure that you have an effective event order system in place. The best systems include the ability to detail out all aspects of the event, which department will be responsible for them, and has a specific set of guidelines for using and submitting events. The biggest key is that whatever system you have in place, it must be easy for all staff to use. Using the system needs to be strictly enforced, and every new employee in the F&B and resident engagement departments must know the system.

Host Your Own Activity: Typically the resident engagement department is the least manned department, but has the responsibility of keeping all of our residents active and connected. So if you want to build a great relationship, help them out. Don’t just do a cooking class or chef demonstration, but get involved with a non-food activity. You can lead a trivia night, deal poker, or start a recurring activity based on one of your own hobbies. Not only does this give your resident engagement leader a breather, but it will let you build a better relationship with the residents you serve each and every day.

A key point to remember is that your resident engagement team not only provides our residents with purpose and connection, but they can also be your biggest advocate. They will be the ones that hear from the residents that won’t speak up or are unwilling to share their concerns with you. The resident engagement team knows the heartbeat of the community, and if they are in your corner it will go a long way to keeping residents happy with the meals we serve every day.

Let us know how the team at Trestle Hospitality Concepts can help your senior living food & beverage teams set your table for success by implementing ideas like these and more.