Are You Training for Employee Success?

What is the right amount of training that an employee needs to be successful? 👨🏼‍🏫

1 week? 2 weeks? 30 days?

The answer isn't quite so simple, as everyone learns at different paces, and in various ways. So how do you implement a training program that will meet everyone's needs?

I believe that you have to TRAIN RELENTLESSLY. You create a culture of learning, and then embed that into your daily/weekly processes. If you do this, you will capture every type of learner, and meet them where they are in the journey.

But how? Create a training program that has Continuous Learning Touch Points. Training isn't over when they complete their onboarding. So what does this look like? Here are a few key touch points that I think are critical for your program:

Daily: Pre-Service Meeting & One to One Coaching Moments

- These are probably the most important once an employee completes their onboarding. People tend have short attention spans, and need information given to them in small bites and more than a once. These touch points accomplish that nicely.

Weekly: Focus on Management & Supervisors

- We often overlook these roles since they are the people overseeing the department. Don't just meet with them to review employee performance & financials. Provide them with knowledge and training on how to be better leaders and role models for the team

Monthly: All Department Meeting

- The most obvious one. But bring value to this meeting. Provide training that answers the most important question - WHY.

Ongoing: Professional Development & Employee Growth

- This may not be an area that every employee wants. But providing resources for an employee to grow into a larger role, or even a role in a different department will help to create better organizational retention and improve employee morale as they see your investment in them.

Doing these will vastly improve the value of your training program, make your employees feel valued and empowered, and will have an impact on your overall bottom line.

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